Application Forms

Interested students can now obtain application forms from the revenue section in the college’s premises. Interested candidates must have scored at least 5 credits in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English. The application form for Basic Nursing Course and Basic Midwifery Course is #18000 and its issuance will end on the 30th day of March 2023. Please do not pay any individual or group of persons who claim to be responsible for the form. Any or all payment must be made into First bank account number, School of Nursing Amaigbo, 3001498731. Please note that any individual who makes any payment on behalf of the institution into any unauthorized account does so at his/her risk.

This message serves as a disclaimer indemnifying the institution from all losses emanating from transaction not authorized by the institution.

For enquiries, please call 07064682951 or send an email to